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Ever wanted to start up a Pharmacy for clinic?  Then we need you!  Please e-mail me.  Qualified candidates should forward their resume to  Please mention type and location of the position for which applying.  This is a Pharmacist Week private client.

JOB SUMMARY: Manages day-to-day activities of the Clinic pharmacy, including supervising pharmacy staff, performing pharmacist activities, and ensuring Clinic’s pharmaceutical care complies with all applicable laws.  Interfaces with Clinic personnel and provides pharmaceutical consulting and education.  Has accountability for the financial results of the pharmacy, including inventory purchasing and control, revenue collection, expense control, and budgeting.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

1.   Provides and supervises delivery of pharmaceutical care in compliance with all federal/state laws and regulations
• Receives prescriptions from providers, verifying and communicating appropriate choice and use of medication. (WAC246-873-090)
• Provides adequate supervision of pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, technicians, and interns as mandated by law and department operations. (RCW18.64A.030, WAC246-901-020, WAC246-901-035)
• Dispenses, performs final check, and ensures proper labeling of medications prepared by pharmacy technicians and interns as mandated by law. (RCW18.64.246)
• Provides patient counseling pursuant to WAC246-869-220
• Maintains security of inventory and compliance with HIPPA requirements
2.  Provides leadership for effective service delivery:
• Develops, reviews, and implements Pharmacy policies and procedures.
• Participates and partners with physicians in drug utilization  analyses of drug therapy
• Resolves daily operational problems.
• Participates in selecting qualified and competent Pharmacy staff; provides feedback and completes performance reviews for staff.
• Schedules staffing to provide adequate coverage during Clinic hours
3.  Manages organizational resources with fiscal responsibility to promote cost-effective utilization
• Ensures staffing is within budget
• Actively pursues providing the highest quality pharmaceutical care at the lowest possible cost
• Orders or supervises ordering of inventory
• Maintains prescription drug inventory at optimum levels to provide service without waste
• Assists with selection of over-the counter drugs, medical equipment, and other non-prescription inventory to maximize profit and meet customer and Clinic needs
• Reviews purchasing reports/information for compliance with contracts and budget
• Periodically reviews payer contracts and recommends changes
• Provides required financial data to Finance Department on a timely basis
• Ensures cash handling and credit card procedures are being followed. 
• Reviews monthly Pharmacy financial statements and explains variances
• Prepares annual Pharmacy budget

4.  Assures appropriate education of the health care team in regard to drug choice, delivery method, cost, efficacy
• Provides drug consulting and education to physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.
• Keeps abreast of current topics in healthcare and pharmacy practice and communicates these to Pharmacy staff and Clinic providers
• Functions as a liaison between the Pharmacy staff, the Clinic and the community by assuring appropriate education of patients and community members.

Secondary Functions
• Assists with selection and implementation of computer system changes
• Works with Managed Care Office on technological assessment and utilization review
• Assists with development of chronic disease management programs
• Provides information on drug utilization and cost-control for capitated contracting

Job Scope

Supervisory Responsibility
Supervises pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, assistants, and interns in Pharmacy Department

Interpersonal Contacts
Interfaces with Clinic personnel, customers, and vendors

Specific Job Skills
• Experience in establishing pharmacy operations
• Knowledge of pharmacy and pharmacy delivery and operations support systems
• Supervisory experience 
• Effective interpersonal and professional communication skills
• Specific experience in communicating with health-care providers

(cooperation, adaptability, flexibility, communication, dependability, supports team goals)
• A role model in establishing and maintaining working relationships that foster teamwork and effective communication.  Uses proper communications for voicing concerns.
• Demonstrates support for others in accomplishing work.  Expresses appreciation.  Demonstrates flexibility in adapting to changing needs.
• Concerned with work of others.  Consistently considers effect of actions on others and team goals
• Anticipates and works to prevent problems.

Customer Service

(respect and caring, compassion, professional behavior, confidentiality)
• Demonstrates empathy, concern and respect for the needs of others.
• Maintains good eye contact and pleasant expressions; is alert and actively listens. 
• Promotes positive interpersonal relationships with customers by discussing situations in a non-threatening way, display sensitivity, compromising as appropriate.
• Consistently interacts with others in a courteous and professional manner.
• Maintains confidentiality.
• Performance consistent with Vancouver Clinic Employee Handbook.

Effective Use of Resources
(effective use of time, people, supplies, safe and attentive work practices, attendance, reliability)
• Consistently follows company guidelines regarding attendance, paid time off or leaves of absence.
• Minimizes waste of time and materials.  Consistently uses safe work practices.  Is consistently productive.
• Initiates ideas, interventions or procedures that reduce costs and streamline operations while improving quality.

(self motivation, takes on projects willingly, acts on opportunities to improve, contributes new ideas)
• Initiates innovations and improvements.  Lead efforts in applying new methods.
• An active participant and contributor to innovations and improvements.
• Open to change.  Contributes readily to improvements and responds positively to suggestions.  Supports final decisions.
• Seeks additional duties when work has been completed.

Education:  B.S. in pharmacy
Professional Licensure/Certification/Registration:  pharmacist registered in the state of Washington
Experience in managing a retail pharmacy; supervisory experience; interaction with physicians and other health-care providers

• Spends less than _20%__ of each working day sitting
• Spends more than 80% of each working day standing and moving through the clinic.  Most procedures are performed standing.
• Crouching and stooping ….
• Reaching and stretching occasionally to reach charts and/or supplies from upper file areas or shelves.
• Climbing stairs ……
• Handling and grasping ……..
• Pushing and pulling ……………strength factor of ______ lbs.
• Occasionally lift and carry various supplies or boxes and charts.  Average weight is 20 lbs.  With a maximum of 35 lbs.
• Ability to talk and hear clearly.  Job requires continual verbal communication in person and over the telephone.
• Visual acuity to read charts, manual and computer screen.
• Manual dexterity and intellectual capacity  to use a computer.

Retail pharmacy environment located in health-care clinic