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RxZone Pharmacy Recruiting Solutions



Current openings: To apply or be considered for any of the following positions, please send a resume in Microsoft Word format to rxzone @ mindspring.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!





Director positions

California: Director                                  80 Bed hospital, Rural low cost of living area,  Salary 120k

New Mexico: Director                       250 beds ,Rural area, Salary 115k 

Texas: Director                                  80 Beds, Small town close to Metro area ,Salary 100k

Hawaii: Systems  Director                        500 + Beds Multiple Hospitals

Arizona: Director                                  500 beds expanding to 750 beds

Georgia: Regional Director                750 Beds Director over multiple hospitals, 120 plus bonus  INTERVIEW

North Carolina:  Director                      300 Bed hospital, Salary 100-115k

Utah: Manager                                400 Beds ,Salary 100-110k




Texas:  Clinical Manager

Houston and Dallas (2 positions)

Houston:  Must have someone that is published or recognized in the field of pharmacy as a "super star"

Work in the world renowned Medical Center

Hospital rated Best Hospital in Texas

Total of 1000 beds



Dallas:  Clinical Pharmacy Manager

Prestigious Hospital with over 700 beds

Must have previous clinical management experience

Salary 100-120k




Washington:  Pharmacy Supervisor                 193 Beds, Salary 100k

45 miles North of Portland

Hospital with very busy cancer center

Responsible for the operations of the pharmacy

Assisting the Director with projects

Would love to have someone with Home Infusion or Chemo background



Illinois:  1 hour West of Chicago     300+ bed Hospital

Growing hospital

Progressive pharmacy

New Positions:

Medication Safety Manager- Interact with physicians and nurses, provide presentations.  Experience or Interested in Medication Safety.  Must have great communication skills.

Staff Pharmacist:  7 on 7off night shift

Clinical/ Staff Pharmacist:  Day shift with primary responsibilities in the OR



Nevada:  Las Vegas    130 bed hospital

Brand New Hospital

New pharmacy staff

Expanding and already building another tower

Staff Pharmacist:  Need someone with hospital experience



Texas:  Dallas

Prestigious Hospital

7 on 7off night position

Must have hospital experience

Salary 90k



Texas:  North West Texas

Very large teaching hospital

7 on 7 off Night position

8 on 6 off Evening position 3-11p

Salary excellent and will hire new grads.



New Jersey:  Northern area

Expanding Home Infusion Company

Must have 3 years of hospital IV experience or home infusion experience

Salary 80-85k


RxZone Pharmacy Recruiting Solutions