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Welcome to Pharmacist Week, the internet's TOP location for pharmacy employment and pharmacist job postings!  We specialize in niche advertising with pharmacy employers and recruiters representing all pharmaceutical disciplines.  We consistently rank in the top 5 for most popular "pharmacy jobs" search terms on ALL the major search engines, and consistently beat the "big boys" when it comes to web traffic, top rankings for maximum exposure, and price.  If you want to throw your advertising dollars away on sites that spend their money on recruiting your competition and making sales, visit the monster sites with the huge staffs - but if you want a niche pharmacy advertising solution that gets results - give us a try!  See below to post a pharmacy job with us!  Advertising Agencies - Click Here for special bulk and commissionable rates!

There are hundreds of pharmacist employment sites on the internet - Why advertise with us?  EXPOSURE - EXPOSURE - EXPOSURE!  Our network is one of the top-rated and  most highly-trafficked pharmacy job sites on the internet.  Pharmacist job seekers typically use the at least one of the four major search engines when job hunting on the internet.  Out of the approximately 50 various combinations of key words and phrases that pharmacist job hunters typically use, we are consistently ranked in the top 10 or are listed on the first page of search results.  Our site is built to optimize search engine placement!  What does this mean?  It means targeted traffic and hundreds of page views every day, all day, for your "pharmacist wanted" advertisements!  You found us - the job seekers find us too!  WE ARE THE PERFECT ONLINE RX ADVERTISING SOLUTION - WHETHER AS AN ADJUNCT TO REGULAR RECRUITMENT EFFORTS, OR AS YOUR SOLE SOURCE OF QUALIFIED PHARMACIST APPLICANTS!

Compare us to our competitors - we get results!  One of our largest competitors claims to be the" Most Popular Pharmaceutical Job Site!"  We get more traffic and have a larger pharmacist database then they do.  Plus - you get the resumes sent directly to you from the pharmacist candidate via email, not submitted to an accessible online database where you have to log on every day just to find the candidates who applied to YOUR JOBS. 

Another large competitor advertises that they received "7624 Pharmacy visitors last month".  We receive more visitors than that EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Also - beware of the free job posting sites - they quickly become cluttered with "junk" jobs and for the most part, are ignored by qualified job seekers.  Our competitor's sites are designed to sell advertisements, we are designed first and foremost to attract potential qualified employees! We are consistently ranked near the top - often #1 for most pharmacy search terms - easily beating the big sites like and CareerBuilder!

Simply put - our goal is to provide pharmacist employers and recruiters the best value for their money.  We truly believe we represent a great value AND our advertisements get RESULTS!

We are HTML-optimized for maximum exposure.  If we used complex search and login software packages, it would prohibit most search engines from finding and "spidering" your advertisement.  Sites that require you to "log-on" restrict not only search engines, but are a deterrent to job searchers.


Regular Rates - 1 pharmacy job posting includes postings in TWO locations on our site: 1)On a state specific page OR our "nationwide" job posting page, plus  2) one FREE BONUS posting on an industry specific page.  You are effectively getting two postings for the price of one! The newest postings go "on top", and get the designated symbol. You are allowed as much space as necessary (within reasonable parameters) for a detailed job description that will drive the most qualified candidates to your company.  


Job Advertisement Code #Advertisement Package


1  pharmacy job posting (30 days) - $149.00


2  job postings (30 days) - $99.00 per job/$198.00 per package


5  job postings (30 days) - $79.00 per job/$395.00 per package

690-1010 job postings (30 days)- $69.00 per job/ $690 per package
1180-2020 job postings (30 days) - $59.00 per job/ $1180 per package
2450-5050 job postings (30 days) - $49.00 per job/ $2,450per package
GTF-2981  pharmacy job posting GOOD UNTIL POSITION FILLED (max 6 months) - $298/job GREAT SAVINGS!


F199-11 job posting on front page of site(30 days) - $199
F298-22 job postings on front page of site (30 days) - $149 per job/$298 per package

Special "MAX" package rate - This includes an advertisement on the FRONT page of our site.  This gives you MAXIMUM exposure to pharmacy job seekers.  We limit the number of postings on our front page, and will always give our advertisers premium placement on the page.  We also will post your position on the "Job Board" page of Rx Recruiters, THE most highly trafficked pharmacy recruiting agency sites on the internet.

"MAX" pharmacy job posting (1 posting front page of site, 1 posting state specific or nationwide page, 1 posting Rx Recruiters job board,  plus 1 posting on the "industry specific "page. - (30 days) -$249,  (60 days) $449  Job Code "MAX"

"SUPER RECRUITER" package rate - Includes a generic 2 or 3 line advertisement on every state specific page of the site that applies to your business for 1 year plus one advertisement on the industry specific page plus one advertisement on the front page of the site (which is changeable monthly).  This is our best  value! One year package available for only $4999.00.  If you make one placement or hire, you've already paid for this advertising package.  Job Code "Super-R"


1. You may fill out our online advertisement and invoice form below or by clicking here (will open in another window).

2 Email your advertisement(s) to  If you would rather us call you, please email your name and phone number to the same address.  Pharmacist Week is a "virtual" jobs site,  and e-mail is our preferred method of communication.  PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH "POSTING PACKAGE" YOU ARE REQUESTING!

3. You may fax your job advertisement(s) to 775-254-3231

4. Make sure you include complete contact and billing information.

5.  You pay can with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit cards via the PayPal payment system, OR we can invoice you via email or US Mail, and you can mail us your check or money order.  Our actual payment address will be included on your invoice.   If you wish to pay by credit card, click on the following graphic: 

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

PHARMACIST WEEK uses PayPal to process credit card payments. This credit card transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *GREATPHARMA".

6.  We will post your job within 48 hours of receiving your job posting information.  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. 

7.  If you have any questions please email us at or see our FAQs page.




Company Name:

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Ad Code from previous page or below: 

(Job Advertisement Code #) 

State(s) :

Type of Position :



Pharm D
Certified Tech
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Do you want to automatically renew your advertisement monthly? 


Ad Copy (How you want your advertisement to read on our website) You can "cut and paste here!


Please review your input before submitting the form!

Note - You will be emailed or called to verify that you have requested an advertisement on our website.  We will get any other pertinent information at that time, if needed.  If you need to cancel a position you have posted, please e-mail us with the name and placement pages of the posted positions.  We will try to post your positions within 24 hours, and remove your placements in a timely manner at your request.  Please check our site and make sure that your positions are posted correctly, and if you ask them to be removed, we ask you to verify that that they have, in fact been removed to your satisfaction. We do not accept any responsibility regarding outdated postings that may still be on the website, or the availability of those that are posted.  Please check with the advertiser for verification of job availability. 




Our website reaches thousands of pharmacists, healthcare recruiters, and pharmacy employers.  If you have a site that you would like to be noticed by these highly educated professionals, we can help you.  We will list your site on our "Featured Sites" page or the FRONT PAGE of our website, under the "Featured Sites" heading.  Examples of sites that may choose to advertise in these locations are pharmacy schools, online CE providers, drug wholesalers, etc.   Banner ads or text links are permitted.

Rates for Featured Sites:

1 featured site posting on front page - $99.00 (30 days)
1 featured site posting on "Featured Sites" page - $49.00 (30 days) OR if you are a qualified site, we will swap links with your site on a reciprocal basis.  Email us at for more information.
On both pages $129.00 (30 days)

Payment procedure the same as outlined above.

For any further questions concerning advertising or pharmacy jobs postings on, please email us at