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Pharmacists - Publish or post your resume here for maximum targeted exposure!  Pharmacist recruiters rarely visit the big job boards looking for resumes.  Why?  Too many pharmacists post their resumes who are looking  for "pie in the sky" type salaries, positions, etc.  Most are not serious about getting a new job, they simply are testing the waters.  Most recruiters have realized that pursuing the "big board" free resume postings are a waste of valuable time.  By posting your resume here, you get maximum exposure to your target market - pharmacist employers and pharmacy recruiters!   Pharmacist Week is one of the top destinations for pharmacist recruiters on the internet.  This job posting board is for the serious pharmacy job hunter.

Why we charge for this service: By paying for inclusion on our job board, recruiters take you seriously.  They know that you aren't spamming the boards with your resume and you are serious with your job search.  Plus, we take your MS Word Resume, convert to HTML format, and hand edit the code and meta tags to allow inclusion in the major search engines. We will then submit your unique resume page to all the major search engines to insure maximum exposure. All this, plus the hosting costs make this a great value for pharmacists.  Your resume will have a unique URL.

Fees:  $99 per 90 day listing or $199 for a full year.  Payable only through PayPal - The internet's most trusted online payment system.

How to sign up:

1.  Make payment via PayPal to payments@greatpharmacyjobs.com.  Through PayPal you can pay via your checking account, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card.   Your payment may be tax deductible!  Click below to sign up and make a payment.

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

2.  Send us a copy of your resume and/or cover letter in Microsoft Word format to resumepost@rxrecruiters.com.  We may have to perform minor editing in order to convert it to a web page satisfactorily.  Also, send us an email with any other information you might want included, plus a statement telling us that you just paid us via PayPal.  Read this for resume help and information.  This site also explains why it is always better to use a niche resume service such as ours.

3.  Your resume will be publicly visible with 48 hours of our receiving payment.  We will email you the URL of your resume.  You will have the option to renew the service at the end of the payment period.  If you choose not to continue with our service, we will delete your resume page from our web.  Also, if you find a position, we will delete your resume at your request.

Note: No refunds will be given for early discontinuation of the resume posting, or any other reason.  We also suggest that you use your email address and /or city and state address only.