FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page contains a listing of our most commonly asked questions and answers.  Feel free to email us (faqs@greatpharmacyjobs.com) with any questions you might have concerning our site, and we'll either answer you directly, or answer your questions in this forum.

Q.  How is your network consistently in the top 10 on all the major search engines?
A.  Our entire site is built based  maximizing worldwide exposure via the major search engines.  We utilize the latest programming techniques, and change our programming codes as the search engine's ranking algorithms change.  This process can take hours of research and work EVERY day.  It is a very expensive and time-consuming process.  We also own approximately 45 pharmacy employment and recruiting domain names.  These domain names aid pharmacists in finding our website via multiple listings on some of the more popular search tools. 

Q. Why employers can't log on to post and modify  job listings?
A.  It would hinder search engine optimization techniques due to coding protocols.  We hand edit our HTML programming code based on your specific job to insure maximum exposure.  This would be impossible if we allowed frequent changes to the job postings.  We are currently working on several programming issues that will make job posting more user friendly without compromising traffic quantity.  However, until then, anytime you might wish to modify a listing, please email us at employers@greatpharmacyjobs.com, and we will respond to your request within 48 hours.  Our goal is to have our pharmacy employers
110% satisfied with our service!

Q.  Why do other sites require pharmacists to log on to browse job postings?
A.  Quite simply, they are collecting information to sell.  This is especially true of the "free" job boards.  You will never be asked to "log on" to search job postings at Pharmacist Week.   Also, you can be assured that if you opt to fill out our online information sheet (to be included in out "New Pharmacy Jobs database and newsletter),  you will only receive information from us.  We will never sell your personal information or resume to any third party corporations, unlike our some of our closest competitors.

Q.  Why don't you have more jobs posted?
A.  We have recently  launched the site, and have just started aggressively targeting pharmacy employers.  We hope, by offering the best value (low rates and highly trafficked web pages), we will soon have thousands of job postings available.  

Q.  Why is your site design so simple?
A.  See question #1.  We are built from the "ground" up for quick page loading, ease of use, and search engine optimization.  We could employ "Flash" animations, complex java scripts, etc. and have a website you would be truly amazed by.  But since the most popular search engines have trouble indexing and following links in those type sites, we have opted for the very basic, simple design that you see.

Q.  Why do you only accept PayPal for credit card purchases?
A.  We can also bill you via US Mail.  We selected PayPal as our online payment processor due to their security features and ease of use.  The are THE most respected online payment processor, and all payments are FDIC insured.